Bettie Serveert release advance single

The 10th album of ‘Dutch indie-rock band’ Bettie Serveert will be released in Canada in early 2013 on Sound of Pop Records.  Oh, Mayhem! is the title of the cd, which has been described by insiders as being their most audacious disc since their debut album Palomine from 1992.  The follow-up on Pharmacy of Love (2010) finds the band more energetic and confident than ever.

Guitarist Peter Visser explaining the making of Oh, Mayhem!: “When we booked the studio, half of the songs still had to be written. This turned out to be a benefit: the record is very spontaneous. All the instruments were recorded simultaneously. The advantage is that you can look each other in the eye while playing and there’s more interaction; you can feel the energy”

Prior to the album, the ‘Betties’ have just released their new single Had2Byou on SOP, with a special b-side called Situations/Complications, a cover of the legendary Dutch band Caesar.

Itunes Canada Link

Had2Byou Video Link

For more information go to www.bettieserveert.com

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