Hello Delaware

Hello Delaware is a force. With syrupy sweet, yet gritty vocals. Edgy, danceable melodies and lyrics everyone can get behind. Hello Delaware will take your saddest break-up, and makes you realize you were probably too good for them anyway.

Dana Beeler has re-emerged on the music scene with a fresh new sound. “Hello Delaware” 2016 release “My Mistake” produced by Daniel Ledwell, is an edgy piece of work that sees Beeler stretching her creative reach into a different direction than the country tinged material that marks her earlier recordings.

The result sounds like a Jenny Lewis who grew up in small-town Canada—less Hollywood, more trees—but emerged just as heartbroken, and as insightful about it. It’s Americana with shades of *Red*-era Taylor Swift, the elemental pop of Gwen Stefani while a splash of country seeps across the whole affair.

By far her strongest songs to date, the material is both introspective and confrontational, like the artist herself. Hook laden melodies are paired with aggressive messages of love gone wrong one moment and softer contemplations of loss, travel, and growing up the next. It is a strong and interesting record that is bound to make waves in the contemporary music scene.

Dana Beeler: Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Green: Guitar
Tori Cameron: Bass
Eammonn Slattery: Drums