DARKBIRD are an indie rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Having stemmed from different corners of the country, it was only a matter of time before these five talented musicians would find each other in the live music capital they now call home.

Since the band’s formation, DARKBIRD have played at some of the city’s most renowned venues and have quickly earned a popular reputation amongst the music scene, as they have been asked to return to every venue they’ve played. The five-piece bring a heartbreakingly powerful on stage presence with guitar, melody and lyrically driven arrangements that make way for an indie rock sound that can feel both heavy yet pretty and even sweet.

Having been held up in the studio, the band have finally unleashed their debut and much-anticipated EP – “I remember feeling my fingers slip” produced by Austin’s one and only Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, White Denim, Explosions in the Sky). The EP’s first single, “Poison Arrows” has that hook that draws you in from its first quiet moment, holds you captive, then forces you to move your body until its dynamic and almost evil, cathartic end.

DARKBIRD’s formation came in 2012 shortly after lead singer Kelly Barnes relocated to Austin, Texas and found Guitarist Brian Cole, unexpectedly, through Craigslist. It didn’t take long – less than a cup of coffee – for the two to realize they shared the same vision for their musical careers and they set out to start recording their first single.

Within days they had created their first piece of magic together and started looking for other members to form the band. Chris Young quickly jumped on board as the band’s drummer and he brought with him his long time friend, former band mate and talented base player Chris Spencer. A few months later Michael Martinez joined as the 5th and final Darkbird, completing the outfit on keys.

Now with the scrupulously executed recording, DARKBIRD is ready to hit the ground running. This is not only the beginning of something new, cool and sexy as hell but something we’ve been eagerly waiting for its raw, sheer content.

Lead Vocals – Kelly Barnes
Guitar – Brian Cole
Drums – Chris Young
Bass – Chris Spencer
Keys – Michael Martinez