Jesse Peters

In the world of music, there are two types of performers, those who play for themselves, and those who play for their audience, Jesse is definitely the latter. With his soul bared at each and every performance his musical sincerity draws in anyone willing to let go and come along for the ride. A fearless original, Jesse puts his blood, sweat and tears into a passionate piano-driven pop sound.

At the age of 17 he received an award for outstanding musicianship at MusicFest Canada from the great Diana Krall. After six years of recording and touring across Canada with the jazz group The Peters Drury Trio, Jesse decided it was time to pursue other projects and left the group in 2003.

In 2005, Jesse resurfaced as the face and voice of Edmonton-based funksoul artist Paramedic. Both Paramedic’s debut album and sophomore album were nominated for Western Canadian Music Awards (2006 and 2009). He released his first solo album in 2011 (Face Time) and followed that up with a sophomore release in 2013 (Swingtime). He’s had music featured on TV shows such as Arctic Air(CBC), Continuum(Showcase), Bitten(SyFy) and SEED(City TV).

Touring has taken him all over North America and across the Pacific to China. Highlights have included the prestigious Glenn Gould Studio Theatre in Toronto, Canada (presented by Massey Hall), performing in New York City and a tour of major centres in China.