Ume (pronounced ooo-may) is a heavy noise-pop band from Austin, TX who has built a reputation as one of indie rock’s most electrifying live acts. With their new critically acclaimed Sunshower EP and recent breakout performances at SXSW, NXNE, and Fun Fun Fun Fest, Ume has launched into the international spotlight DIY style.

Ume recently toured the west coast with the Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate followed by CMJ and some Ontario and Quebec dates. Following their 2009 EP release “sunshower”, Ume will be releasing their new full length “Phantoms” and returning to Canada in late 2011/early 2012.

Distortion-heavy jams (and the whole marriage thing) invite comparisons to Sonic Youth, but Ume do more headbanging and wailing.
– Rolling Stone

How could I have not known about Ume? An Austin trio fronted by a whirling dervish of singer guitarist who in the standard PR band head shot looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly; yet give her a guitar, a Marshall stack and a mic and stand back, way back. She shreds. File under – Do Not Overlook and Go Tell Your Friends…
– Dave Allen, Gang of Four/Pamplemoose

Ume’s Lauren Langner Larson – a diminutive blonde rocking opposite her bass-playing husband, Eric- may be the most promising female voice to smack the indie rock world in years.
– Independent Weekly

poppy and surprisingly heavy, powerful and charming.
– Brooklyn Vegan

Some people love The Joy Formidable, but I’ll take Ume, thanks
– Brooklyn Vegan