Voltaire Twins


The wait is finally over for Milky Waves, the debut album from Australian brother/sister outfit Voltaire Twins.

The runaway success of ‘Animalia’ and award winning EP Apollo had Tegan and Jaymes on a plane bound for SXSW, Canadian Music Week and to play spots in NYC. It’s no wonder they came back to Perth with stars in their eyes. After quitting their day jobs and moving to Melbourne they’ve pushed forward, working with producer Anna Laverty (Cut Copy, New Gods) and mixer Steven Schram (San Cisco, Little Red) to make an album dripping with equal parts sweat and glitter.

Milky Waves brings Voltaire Twins’ signature blend of ‘70s disco, ‘80s pop and ‘90s beats into a whole new galaxy. First track ‘I’m Awake’ slides into your psyche like a big night you’d prefaced with ‘just one drink.’ Tegan’s infectious falsetto telling you ‘the animal that’s under your skin it’s obvious to me; there’s no hiding’. The album forges on with ‘Goodnight, Spirit’ and ‘Long Weekend’, the two singles that made Milky Waves so highly anticipated.

According to Jaymes Milky Waves is ‘as auto-biographical as possible’ resulting in a darker spin on the style that forged their reputation. It’s about growing into yourself but remembering where you came from. Solid bass lines matched with glittering synths on tracks like ‘Mystery Flight’ really show the band’s maturity. While ‘This Is The Place’ is prime for the energetic live show: guaranteed to have you screaming ‘this is the place we live!’ at the stranger dancing next to you.

Milky Waves was released on August 14, 2015