Demo Submissions Advice

Here’s a little piece on demo submissions – what works and what doesn’t.

Do your Research! on Sound of Pop (or whatever company you are approaching) to know if it is a potentially a good fit or not.

Make Initial Contact! Introduce yourself in a short paragraph or two via email before sending in anything.

Put some thought into the Why! Think about why you are approaching us and what is it you are looking for? is it for distribution? publishing? Sync? Label? This information helps me to know the context and informs how I will review the material.

Send digital links to music files NOT email attachments! I prefer digital links using soundcloud, dropbox.com, box.net, wetransfer.com etc. rather than physical CD’s.

Send your best 2-3 songs only!

Do not send generalized solicitation emails out to multiple label recipients (unpersonalized splatter approach)!

Tag your digital tracks with appropriate metadata for itunes including artist, track name, songwriters, contact info, etc.

Include a one sheet (short bio | photo | press quotes | career highlights | contact info) all in a one page PDF or Word document. No physical Press Kits.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Chris Graham says:

    Hi, I’m writing on behalf of Toronto band Fire X Fire. We released our debut album a few months ago and are now looking for licensing opportunities, which may include label representation. We were wondering if you would be interested in me sending along some links to give the music a listen? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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